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Coming Soon: Ana Caro’s Valor, agravio, y mujer

We are thrilled to announce that our next translation project will be  Valor, agravio, y mujer. One of only two extant comedias written by the female playwright Ana Caro Mallén de Soto, the play presents a witty critique of Spanish society via the story of Leonor, a woman who sets out to find her one-time lover, Juan, and bring him to justice. The clever Leonor goes to great lengths in order to restore her honor, traveling across the sea from Seville to Brussels and donning male garments and the persona of the dashing Leonardo in order to move freely through society. Chaos ensues as the cross-dressed Leonor/Leonardo seeks redress amid complicated courtships, in which she continually outperforms the men involved.

Although Caro only left behind two comedias, she was nevertheless a master of the written word, a professional poet and writer of commissioned relaciones which speak to her skill and popularity as a writer. We are excited to embark on our first translation of a work by a female playwright!

Laura Muñoz

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