Announcing Comedia Slam 2019 - Diversifying the Classics
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Announcing Comedia Slam 2019

Thanks to a new grant from the UCLA Arts Initiative, next fall Diversifying the Classics will be presenting our first Comedia Slam, a one-day event that will pair staged readings of translations with roundtable conversations on interpretation, performance, and staging.

With the Comedia Slam, we hope to build on the success of our recent LA Escena theater festival, by continuing to provide a forum for theater practitioners to engage with our translations. We are particularly excited to renew our collaboration with UCLA’s Latinx Theater Comunión, a group of MFA Theater students who performed at LA Escena, and who will bring their performance perspective into our programming efforts.

Comedia Slam, tentatively scheduled for October 2019, will ideally encourage local theater companies to explore our translations and produce them in the future, all while generating greater visibility for the scholarly work being done at UCLA, facilitating meaningful interdisciplinary collaboration, and creating the potential for future partnerships between UCLA and Los Angeles arts practitioners.

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