Ana Caro in San Antonio - Diversifying the Classics
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Ana Caro in San Antonio

On January 24, I had the great pleasure of joining Mahalia Dinglasan and her theater students, of MacArthur High School in San Antonio, Texas, for a Zoom dramaturgy session on Ana Caro’s The Courage to Right a Woman’s Wrongs. The students have been actively involved in cutting the play down to the 40 minutes required for their upcoming drama competition, and know the text inside and out. We had a great discussion about gender, the historical context, the physicality of the roles, and the complexity of staging the balcony scene. The students were intrigued by the centrality of the gracioso in Caro’s play, and by how her own background may have impacted her attention to class and the multidimensionality of the servants. Given that both the students and the audience in San Antonio are largely bilingual, this production will reintroduce some Spanish into the script. DTC is offering assistance with the process of creating a bilingual version for this Texan Courage.

Barbara Fuchs

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