Diversifying the Classics | Sor Juana on Both Sides of The Atlantic
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Sor Juana on Both Sides of The Atlantic

Diversifying the Classics’ collaborator Esther Fernández (Rice University) explores today’s increased focus on early modern female playwrights of comedia and transatlantic performance in her recent Howlround article, “Who’s Afraid of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz?” She examines performances of Sor Juana’s play, Los empeños de una casa (The House of Desires) that illustrate the tension between globalization and cultural specificity. What does modern performance owe to a marginalized author’s heritage? How can we “translate” comedia for global audiences? Read the article here: https://howlround.com/whos-afraid-sor-juana-ines-de-la-cruz

Photo: The House of Desires at the GALA Hispanic Theatre by Lonnie Tague.

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