LA Escena-Your home in me as in you - Diversifying the Classics
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GOLDEN TONGUES: Your Home in Me As I in You

How do we understand what lies beyond the known, the urban, the so-called civilized? What if the natural forces that we fear had surprising things to teach us?
Amanda L. Andrei’s Your Home in Me As I in You is a very local adaptation of Lope de Vega’s groundbreaking El animal de Hungría (The Beast of Hungary, presented at LA ESCENA 2022 by Állatok). Andrei sets the scene in and around LA, exploring the forces that urban dwellers most fear and offering their unique perspective on the wilderness-urban border. Andrei’s poetic text imagines what it might mean to truly find a home in another, beyond difference and received ideas of belonging.

Your Home in Me As I in You will be a staged reading in English.
This staged reading is part of Golden Tongues, a collaboration between Diversifying the Classics and Playwrights’ Arena. Since 2013, the Golden Tongues initiative has commissioned and staged new adaptations in English of Hispanic classical plays by Los Angeles playwrights. Learn more about the Golden Tongues series here.

Written by Amanda L. Andrei

Directed by Jean Carlo Yunén Aróstegui


Scout/Investigator/Vega Abby Coryell

Teodosia Sabina Zúñiga Varela

Rosaura Rachael Ferrera

Felipe Andres Paul Ramacho

Stage Directions Aja Houston