LA Escena- Numancia - Diversifying the Classics
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What are the costs of war, both for the losers and the victors?
A co-production of world-famous Nao d’amores (Segovia, Spain) and Spain’s Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, Cervantes’ great tragedy offers an intimate look at how communities find meaning in the hardest of times. In Cervantes’ dramatization of the siege of Numancia, the interpersonal and the world-historical collide as daily life comes under fire. The love story of two Numantines, Morandro and Lyra, unfolds amid the destruction of their home and the ruminations of opposing leaders about the rewards and costs of conquest. Numancia is a tragedy that reflects on the limitations of individual and collective freedom and portrays human powerlessness and subjection in front of authority.
Numancia will be in Spanish, with English translations provided. 
Nao d’amores, a professional collective specializing in classical theater, puppetry, and music, was established in 2001. Under Ana Zamora’s direction, the collective researches and develops training for the staging of medieval and Renaissance theater. The group works with texts outside the traditional repertoire of classical theater, focusing instead on plays key to the history of theater that have remained at the margins (given the absurd discrepancies between philology and the theater world). Rather than recreating medieval and Renaissance staging, they opt for primitive staging from a contemporary perspective.

As a team recognized for their work in primitive theater, Nao d’amores has collaborated artistically with Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico for the shows Viaje del Parnaso (2005, directed by Eduardo Vasco) and Tragicomedia de Don Duardos (2006, directed by Ana Zamora). Nao d’amores has received many awards and nominations. Besides that, they are a company with great reach in Spain and beyond, having toured in Portugal, France, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina.
Nao d’amores has an extensive publication record of written and recorded works and regularly runs theoretical and practical training courses in pre-baroque theater from their headquarters in Segovia. These courses are open to the general public and are attended by theater fans and artistic professionals alike. The company regularly collaborates with a diverse set of Spanish universities, in addition to collaborating with the Real Academia de Historia y Arte de San Quirce.

Directed and Adapted by Ana Zamora

Cast José Luis Alcobendas, Alfonso Barreno, Javier Lara, Cristina Marín-Miró, Pedro Almagro, Alejandro Saá, José Luis Verguizas, Isabel Zamora

Music Direction and Arrangement Alicia Lázaro

Verse Consultant Vicente Fuentes / Fuentes de la Voz

Costume Design Deborah Macías

Set Design Cecilia Molano

Lighting Design Miguel Ángel Camacho

Choreography Javier García Ávila

Movement Consultant Fabio Mangolini

Percussion Consultant Rodrigo Muñoz

Directing Assistant Verónica Morejón

Set Assistant Almudena Bautista

Costume Assistant Irma Vallés

Costume Production Ángeles Marín

Set Production Purple Servicios Creativos

Poster Design Cecilia Molano

Technical Director Fernando Herranz

Executive Producer Germán H. Solís