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Puppet Troupe Dragoncillo Breathes New Life Into the Classics 

The Dragoncillo puppet troupe is the brainchild of Jason Yancey (Grand Valley State University), Esther Fernández (Rice University), Jonathan Wade (Meredith College), and Jared White (Buena Vista University), a group of scholars who specialize in Golden Age theater. READ MORE

Jessica Bauman Visit

UCLA is delighted to bring director Jessica Bauman to campus October 23 and 24. Bauman’s most recent project, Arden/Everywhere, retells As You Like It as a story of forced migration, in which the words of contemporary refugees find space within Shakespeare’s drama of loss and reconciliation. 

A Successful First LA Escena Festival

“Ladies and gentlemen, come right over! I can assure you this will be good for you! Tested for four hundred years without fail!” Fernando Villa opened last weekend’sREAD MORE

The Word from Stratford

Barbara Fuchs

Multidisciplinary performance artist Jamie Milay/Sah Milay wrote this spoken-word piece for “Engendering the Stage in the Age of Shakespeare and Beyond,”  a conference held at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario, September 18-21, 2018. Challenge, clarion call, and opportunity:READ MORE

Playing with Swords at “Engendering the Stage” (September 18-22, 2018)

Melinda Gough and Peter Cockett (McMaster University) have put together a fantastic “Practice as Research” conference at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario, exploring the performance of gender in early modern theater. Along with Clare McManus (Roehampton) and Lucy Munro (King’s College), these scholars are engaged in a broader project that reconsiders what we know about gendered performance in a transnational context. At Stratford, scholars worked closely with company actors as well as visiting artists, under the aegis of the Stratford Festival Laboratory, examining the resonances between theater history and contemporary explorations of gender on stage.READ MORE